数年前に英会話スクールのスピーチ用として書いたものゆえ、時間的な誤差がありますが。これがかなりのトラウマとなる。    I really like to dance to music. I think I expressed the dancing at this place before as well.   As for me, to dance is express myself from body and soul.   And I told you about a club where I enjoyed it for the first time. Still I remember that was a getting me back to  mother’s womb.

     In last March,  I went to  New York to visit some clubs for dancing. It is called “clubbing”.   Within the limited hours of staying, as much as I can, I went clubbing to some places where I want to visit,  almost without sleeping and meals.  I had an unforgettable experience in it.  I had a chance to go to a party which has been lasting for over 32years.  It is called “The Loft”. The music host was Mr.David Mancuso who was around 60years old.  Only invited person can go to the party.  But, fortunately, I was able to go there through my friend’s kindness.  More than that,  to my great surprise, I  could help them as one of coat check person on that day.  Though I could not speak English as my mother’s tongue, but for a few hours, I kept over 400 of baggage for guest who are the native speaker and received them saying ” Have a good one tonight” or “Enjoy yourself” as the receptionist.  I was so excited.  They contacted with me generously.  Since I played the role as a staff for the night, I could not dance at all.  In spite of my excitement in that situation, I got a little angry with myself not being on the dance floor.  Then I got out of there, and went to another party.  At that time, first I felt that I took a wrong attitude. Still I thought that I had a better get back to the cloak. But I had something to do there.  So I stayed instead of going back to the Loft.

     In September this year, Mr. David Mancuso came to Sapporo for his Japan tour.  Of course, I joined the party.  He had been keeping on playing music continuously from 11PM to 9AM next morning. When I had a break time,  the owner of the club talked me, “I asked David, Are you all right? And he answered, No, I am not all right.”  But he had worked on it. Though his performance I regretted what I did at the Loft in New York last March. Then my tears run down my cheeks with the repentance.  At that time, I  felt I had been dancing just for my fun so far. I understand that  it is a good thing rather than a self-reproach.  What I want to say is share a matter and keep it on for good. This is the words of David at an interview.  I really get it through I have danced for over 12years. So I would like to dance to feel it more, and share the happiness with many people.


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