got a love 4 U



First day went out, my heart stood still
I never had a man like you and a doubt I ever will
Some I`m trying to play in all these love games
Once you came into my life I had a change, yea

That`s why I`m so glad I found you
Gonna build my whole world around you
Oh yea, I wanna be true I wanna be with you
Got a love for you
Cuz you`re special
Got a love for you
Listen to me babe
Got a love for you
How you feelin`
Got a love for you
I wanna be true

When youre lonely, Ill be there for you
Ill hug and kiss you all, and make you so much better
No other girl can make you feel the same
And I`m the way on you, I got a thing for you
I can`t explain
I`ll never ever leave you
You know I`m here to please you
Oh boy, wanna be true wanna be true


I remember the games that we used to play
And all the hearts we used to break
No one makes me feel the way you do
That`s why, baby, I`m gonna be true

Got a love for you
Got a love for you
Got a love for you
Got a love for you
Baby baby

Got a love for you
Got a love for you

Got a love got a love for you
Got a love for you
Oh, I got a love for you
Got a love for you, baby…..


12 comments so far

  1. megmin on

    gonna be true??

  2. tulu on

    got a love for you(hurley’s house mix)/jomanda

  3. megmin on


  4. chika-p on


    何年前かな? なんかThe Wallの匂いを思い出します

    Ceybil/Love So Specialとかと同じ位 前かな

  5. megmin on

    Ceybilは1991 Jomandaは1990リリースです。中間テストにでるよ!! 

  6. chika-p on

    Dj Yakko DJ教室(伝説)で2枚使いしてたよん

    Extended Original Undergound Mix


  7. megmin on

    そんなあなたに 笑クリック

  8. chika-p on

    これ正解率 低いでしょ 笑

  9. megmin on


  10. chika-p on

    間違ったよ 笑

    Taishowに出してみよ 笑

  11. maq on

    DJ HIROもよくCAVEでかけてたよ

  12. megmin on



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